Slowly, Slowly, Catchee Monkee … #cmn11

Sometimes change has to happen slowly, to allow people to accustom themselves to things! I am very much not for doing things “the way we’ve always done it” because that’s “the way we’ve always done it”, but also not in “change for changes sake”. The Academy This year is my fourth at the Church and […]

CODEC, The Big Read, #CNM10, #CMN10, #CMN11

Lots of feedback from a post by ‘The Church Mouse’ in regards to #cmn10 indicating that there was little on new media at the conference… I missed the original post as I was busy talking to another group who are working with others who need some persuasion in using ‘new media’ – those in Higher […]

The Journey of a Hashtag: Getting #cmn10 on Twitter

Last year, at the Church and Media Conference, I was attempted to get a Twitter stream going, but there was very few of us who understood the potential and were engaging, I’d say around 6 of us. This year, I was determined that Twitter was going to make a stronger appearance at the conference! For […]