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Talking about #digidisciple at #cnmac11

Breakout session on ‘Digidisciples’ prepared for Christian New Media Conference, 15th October 2011… are you coming?

“Discipleship encompasses our whole life, but how can we continue to be whole life disciples in the online space?”

We have over 50 #digidisciple(s) writing for The Big Bible Project.┬áThis presentation will be used in the session, but there’s so many possible topics of discussion – this sets out some of them, the session will have an intro from me, and then I will facilitate and see where the conversation goes:

The other choice of  panels at 12.10:

Build a following on Twitter
To tweet is human, to build a following, divine! Be heard on the world’s noisiest social network.
Bryony Taylor, Social Media Consultant
#digiCreatives: in practice
Chaired Panel exploring the practical outworking of this theology.
Jonathan Kearney – chair and digital arts
Vicky Beeching – music
Katherine Green – dance
Anna Blanch – literature
James Robinson – drama

So you want to make a Mobile App?
Find out why getting a mobile app is neither too difficult or costly for anyone.
Kevin Bennett, Premier Christian Media
Getting to Grips with WordPress
Wordpress is extremely flexible, but how do you get started and ensure you make the most of it?
Adam Brown, Decode Studios

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