Flexible, Open, Social Learning: Communities & Collaboration #FOS4L

“Proponents of collaborative learning have long heralded the power of well managed group-based interaction as a means of promoting positive interdependence, individual accountability, social skills, and group processing. In this third topic we will encourage learners to explore aspects of collaborative, cooperative and community learning especially in relation to networked online spaces for learning, personal […]

Collaborative Authoring?

As someone who is keen on ‘sharing’ to move knowledge forward, I’m all for collaborative authoring … Collaboration should not be a dirty word in the arts, says Stephen Mumford Why isn’t co-authorship more prevalent in the arts? At a recent promotions committee meeting, I was struck by the extent to which sole-authored publication remains […]

A Winning Pair @timeshighered

I really enjoy working collaboratively with others, finding the space to be challenged in my thinking, sparking ideas off each other, and being accountable to a co-editor, so really enjoyed this piece in the Times Higher Education: In these early partnerships, we quickly discovered that one of the great beneficial outcomes of successful collaborative working […]

Book Review: Networked, A contemporary history of news in transition

Looks like an interesting read, reviewed by Tim Luckhurst, who wrote an article in a similar vein the other week: In the vortex of angst generated by scandal at News International and the complicity of Britain’s political class, it is cheering to read a book that makes one feel a little more optimistic about the […]

T-Mobile Welcome back (thanks @simonjenks)

What a lovely video… almost makes me want to go back to T-Mobile (still have 6 months on contract!) And wow… look how much effort it is to arrange a real flashmob!!