[MEDIA] Featured in @NewIdeaMagazine about ‘Digital Contracts’

I got a notification on Google Alerts that I’ve been featured in New Idea Magazine, described on their Twitter as ‘Australia’s most loved weekly magazine’, so pleased that my insights into the importance of family communication is getting out there (it’s clearly linked with The Times).

Internal Communications

Interesting piece on the need to keep staff informed internally – always something that we’ve talked about in the age of social media – if you want people to tweet good stuff about your organisation, they’ve got to feel a sense of ownership/involvement in it (aka not just ‘nice glossy newsletters from top-down’) – and […]

Book Review: Cultures of Mediatization

Anyone read this book? Sounds quite hard going! More worrying, this book is dated by the use of words such as “cyberculture”, “cyborgs” and “cyberpunks”. While there is attention paid to the Frankfurt School (again) and the medium theory of Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan, the participatory nature of the read-write web is neglected. Certainly […]