Book Review: @RichardLittleda “Who Needs Words”

Not all things in the digital age happen instantaneously, sometimes things don’t just happen as planned! I saw the chapter ‘A web of words’ in Richard Littledale’s book ‘Who Needs Words’ last summer before it went off to publication, and was really looking forward to reading the whole book… A month off sick, and then […]

E-Mail free Friday anyone?

Interesting story blaming email for much stress at work – has some points, but certainly don’t agree it’s necessarily down to the email: Soul-crushing email causes stress and slows work. Oliver Double proposes some ways to cut the burden. Email-free Friday, anyone? I spend up to four hours of my working day dealing with email, […]

Communicating Conviction, @pmphillips #medialit

Communicating Conviction on Prezi Currently listening to Pete’s presentation, may add a few more notes here, but the Prezi is easy to follow the train of thought! THOUGHTS – not really investigated the media and considering what was the BEST tool for the job. A problem, because there are many churches on Twitter, and […]