Complain on Twitter? Get a Quicker Response?

From Sxc.Hu
From Sxc.Hu

A really interesting segment on The One Show yesterday, which confirmed what I have already found over the past couple of years, that companies will respond more quickly to social media complaints, often (but not always) leading to a quicker resolution. You still need to think about how you complain:

The results were no surprise to social media expert Will Francis.

“Companies feel obliged to respond when it’s in a public forum,” he says.

“A complaint on social media has potentially loads of power to you because it’s in a public forum unlike email or phone which are private. A Tweet or a Facebook post are there for the world to see so a brand really has to respond to that.”

However, he warns that complaining through Twitter isn’t guaranteed to fix your problems.

“You should also take into account that even though you get a quick initial reply from a company, you won’t necessarily get your complaint resolved any quicker.”

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