The Machine Gives No Choices?

Interesting research highlighted on Mashable, about what people potentially miss out on by spending time online: Even so, this computer time has a notable impact, eating into things like sleep, work, travel and household chores. For every minute that they spend lazing on the computer, Americans spend approximately 16 fewer seconds working, seven fewer seconds […]

Digital toys don’t harm or help your children #digitalparenting

Some interesting research from the University of Edinburgh re whether technological devices really affect modern childhood: But parents found it difficult to know whether widespread exposure to these products was good for their children, as many of the devices had not been invented when they were children. “Some will tell you that children have an […]

Computers in Exams: Different Type of Problem

Because of such concerns, there has been a move recently to think about letting undergraduates complete their written examinations on word processors. The logic is that it is unfair to make them put pen to paper (rather than it being easier for examiners to mark word-processed text). The main thrust of the pro-word-processors-in-examinations argument seems […]