Death Day: May 15th 2010

Strand: Either: ‘Death and the Arts’ or ‘Death and Culture’ Title: Death at War Abstract: In the Second World War, the second ‘total war’ of the Twentieth Century, death was a daily reality for both those on the fighting fronts and those on the Home Front in Britain.  The Ministry of Information (MOI), officially formed […]

Men at War: Masculinities, Identities and Cultures (10-11 September 2009)

Currently preparing for the conference: Men at War: Masculinities, Identities and Cultures, Looking forward to presenting an image-laden paper! Gender theory is not exactly my field, but I have found it interesting dablling, and looking for ways to apply my other knowledge. Meantime, early start to the conference, and I’m one of the first panels… […]

Framing Film: Conference Abstract: Proposal

Conference proposal for “Framing Film” at the University of Winchester. Working Title: ‘Selling a Healthy War’: propaganda posters and public information films produced by the Ministry of Information during the Second World War.