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[SPEAKER] Restoring Confidence in the Truths We Believe

Today, in my capacity as Director of BIGBible, I’m speaking at the Christian Resources Exhibition on ‘Restoring confidence in the truths we believe’ – taking a ‘just be’ – including in the digital spaces – angle. I’m on at 1.45pm:

Restoring Confidence in the Gospel: Restoring confidence in the truths we believe from Bex Lewis

I tried…

Comedic commentary on ‘the YouTube generation’ …

“I’m Twitter famous”

What does that mean?

“I’m not really famous”

So, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc can help us do many things… but not everything… and Daniel Radcliffe is quite amusing too! Try, but know your limits, not…

“I tried, and therefore no one can criticise me.”