“Ready, Set, Work” (Evening Standard Article)


Well, am seeking to understand how much of this I am, but hoping very much that I’m not quite there (I, have, for example, not really looked at my phone since Friday afternoon, and just getting back into it this evening):

Have you joined the super- working classes — those alpha-hours Stakhanovites whose idea of the ordinary office day is a 12-hour slog, with the iPad always charged to ensure that a couple of emails can be polished off in bed and resumed over the 6.30am breakfast?

Even odder, as far as your friends and worried mum are concerned: do you enjoy this more than, say, housework, childcare or other chores?

If so, you fit the criteria established by a team of sociologists at Oxford who have diagnosed a new “superordinate working class”. This innovation is turning human history (and Marx) on its head, replacing the idea of poor workers toiling for long hours with highly educated, well rewarded people doing exactly the same thing through choice, rather than necessity.

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