Contemplation at @CCWinch

This afternoon I went to my church, Christ Church Winchester, as the contemplative space opened for 3 days:

Great use of the ‘front garden’ space.

A chance to think at each point. Each of these red threads has the same activities upon it.

  1. Put aside concerns, worries, and the contents of your pockets
  2. Write in an envelope where you think you’re missing opportunities to reap the fruits of the spirit [I felt that God is carrying me through a particularly difficult time, but that I am still allowing ‘busy busy’ to get in the way!]
  3. Holly Leaves: Feel them, feel the minor pain, and think how the pain would have been for Jesus on the Cross
  4. Thin cloth/nails. Feel how thin the cloth is (Jesus skin), how heavy the nails are.
  5. Water, given to Jesus, and poured out of his body. Drink some for refreshment or splash some on.
Throughout, worship music was playing, so I did actually spend quite some time listening.

An MP4 playing, that I can’t find online, which really had me thinking as the words ‘Breathe Breathe Breathe’ got more difficult for the auditor to play, and the screen played a heartbeat … ending in a single line.

A song, the words “Some work too hard; but work won’t get us far”….

There was also a prayer tree at the end, to put forward a prayer as a response to the session.

I was in there about 40 minutes.