How do we keep our children safe online?

Well, the Guardian should have brought me to this round-table (or at least read my book!): “We’ve got a generation of parents who simply don’t know what it takes to raise a child in the digital age,” said Vicki Shotbolt, CEO and founder of the Parent Zone. “When you talk to them they say they have […]

Internet Evangelism Day (Today)

Internet Evangelism is here again: April 25. It’s both an annual focus day for churches, and a year-round resource guide for all aspects of digital evangelism. Many ideas and strategies for many types of digital evangelism, including mobile phones, social networking, video clips, blogging, church websites and more. See their DEI blog and monthly email […]

The Gathering, Church in a Pub (2009)

The Gathering: An Experiment in Church At North Winchester Community Church we’ve been discussing the idea of a ‘new’ type of service, once a month, on Sunday evening’s, around the theme of a Pub Church (within the style of Fresh Expressions). So, welcome to “The Gathering“, to which you can find out more details on […]