Non-Coporate Mavericks on Branding?

Ha, seen this in action:

Branding conference delegates warned of dangers of breakaway groups. David Matthews reports

Universities must rein in departments or schools that create different “sub-brands” for themselves or they risk diluting their overall identity, a senior lecturer in marketing has warned.

Chris Chapleo, of Bournemouth University, told a conference on university branding in London on 31 October that a “difficult communications challenge” could be created if “maverick and free-thinking” academics were to “pull away” from an institution’s brand.

He cited the example of a university he had previously worked at, where a “pocket of excellence” within the institution had “decided arbitrarily to create their own identity, to create their own sub-website”.

Please – universities – don’t become so consumed by conformity to brand, that the individual voices of expertise, and their departments, become dull corporate feeds! Read full article.