Just trying to get my head clear…. These are workshop deadlines, etc… and other particularly LARGE deadlines – lots of smaller deadlines, tasks, emails, social media, experimenting, and and and within all my jobs… *Also likely to remember other things… January 22nd: BigBible Interview for David Bunce 24th: Circulate pilot material for web conferencing 24th: […]

Bex’s Workplan for 2010/11 (revised)

So, my crazy timetable continues (I don’t want any more projects til next summer!). I’m enjoying everything I’m doing, and have even had to give up some things I love doing… very privileged for this year… who knows what next year will bring however… Over the past few months, since the last update: Made it […]

Still that crazy timetable

See the original timetable, and see what else is coming in… TV appearance (and been contacted by a number of other TV shows, but not appeared on!) Re-starting book proposal (attended a training course on) Webinar: Twitter for Higher Education (JISC) Conference Paper: ‘Death at War’ Conference Paper: Floods? Snow? Swine Flu? Terrorist Threats? “Keep Calm […]

Crazy Timetable: Update

Semester 2 (Finishes 18th June) I have an extremely full timetable: CHECK OUT my 2010/11 Timetable! Monday 10-12: Design for Digital Media (after Easter only) Monday 3-5: Introduction to Media Studies Wednesday 9-12: Dreams and Nightmares Thursday 9-10;11-12: Film History Thursday 2-3 (sometimes 12-2): Creating and Consuming History Friday 9-12: Researching Media Studies History Independent […]