Keep Calm and Carry On Update

So, what’s been going on in the world of Keep Calm and Carry On, whilst we’ve been enjoying the halcyon days of British summer (and with all those tales of the recession coming to an end, has the popularity of the slogan taken a downturn?) Troops On Tour order the t-shirts A casting call for […]

Competition: FREE ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Book

Win one of TEN copies of “Keep Calm and Carry On: Good Advice for Hard Times” (Publisher’s Information).  I love great quotes, and this book is full of some excellent ones! SOME OF THE GREAT QUOTES HIGHLIGHTED IN THIS BOOK: “The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions” Ellen Glasgow “Prosperity […]

Wikipedia: Still There + Some New Additions

Good, I seem to have got the level of the content right (oh, I  have more, but I don’t think they want everything on there!), as I’m still on there, and the main editor has gone in and made further changes, so that’s all good news! Welcome if you’re visiting via Wikipedia! Meantime, another article […]

Wikipedia Entry: Keep Calm and Carry On

Who knows who edits these different Wikipedia entries. I have tried a few times to add information to this site, but I think partly because so many companies are trying to sell it, they are being super-strict. However, I am the global expert on the subject, so here’s hoping they think I have something to […]

Now Panic and Freak Out and other variations

Now, everyone knows about the alternate slogan “Now Panic and Freak Out”, but I don’t think I’ve ever put an image of it up here, this one is taken from Threadless. I have always loved finding subverted images of the posters that I studied: The further that you go into Google Images, the more variations […]