Innovating Pedagogy?

OUInteresting piece on where technology may possibly make changes to UK Higher Ed:

While 2012 was dubbed the “year of the Mooc”, 2013 will be remembered as the “year of the crowd”, according to the co-author of a report on emerging technologies with the potential to disrupt higher education.

The Open University report Innovating Pedagogy 2013 looks at six fledgling technological approaches that could revolutionise teaching, and also reviews the progress of four more established ideas including massive open online courses and learning analytics.

Among the emerging technologies are “crowd learning”, which involves harnessing the local knowledge of many people to answer questions, and “citizen inquiry”, which refers to mass public participation in structured investigations such as mapping climate change or recording bird populations.

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3 More Specs

OK, I’ve had my sight test, and yes, my prescription is worse… -1.50 in each eye, so still not too strong! I stuck with my plan to allow myself a limited amount of time to think about it (so preferably this week), rather than exploring EVERY option, and there’s a couple in here that both the lady in the shop (and yes, she laughed at me in quite a few others) loved, and then a friend who was in Tesco, had a look, and thought they were good choices… so, further thoughts?!



These specs are on 2 for 1, so could have 2 Tesco pairs… or find 2 Specsavers. I tried Vision Express the other day, and whoever the optical assistant was, just slouched against the counter wondering aloud if he could go home, and even though I was trying them on for about 10 minutes, no one came up to ask if I wanted any help!!
And he, he, found online ordering – was thinking I didn’t have any pics of me without glasses…
The online world, you have to love it…
Digital Life(style)

New Specs?

OK, I’m having my eyes tested this afternoon. Since I got my last pair of specs (in 2004 or 2005!) my prescription has changed, but I’ve been waiting to know that I had enough money to buy some! So far I’ve only tried Specsavers and Tesco (who are giving away free sight-tests in their new branch in Winchester), and picked out the following, but I’m not sure any of them are quite right (and one of the other customers when I put my own on, said “ooo, they’re nice”…!!) – all do strange things to my face 🙂 Most stores are currently doing 2-4-1, but I really just want 1 pair, with a free upgrade to photochromatic – anyone know who might be doing that at the moment?
Which do you think are getting closest – which the worst – and excuse the expression on my face!




P.S. This is my current pair: