Catching up on #Wikileaks #Cablegate

Is it justified? Should a newspaper disclose virtually all a nation’s secret diplomatic communication, illegally downloaded by one of its citizens? The reporting in the Guardian of the first of a selection of 250,000 US state department cables marks a recasting of modern diplomacy. Clearly, there is no longer such a thing as a safe […]

Going PaperLess in Meetings #iPad

Today, at a meeting that I regularly go to, I decided to go ‘paperless’. The papers for the committee had already been emailed to me (rather than the usual internal post, which can be hard for me to get as I’m only in 2 days a week), and so were accessible via my email online.Some […]

"Letters from the Edge: Keep Calm and Carry On" @jamesclay #jiscel10 #uksnow

Below is a blog entry written by James Clay for the currently ongoing #JISCEL10 conference, drawing upon a title I suggested for our talk at #PELC10 (Keep Calm and Carry On – my PhD research included this topic). As we are running into another freezing cold snap, the issues we raised at that conference are […]

Royal Wedding: Prince William & Kate Middleton

How quickly the news spreads these days. Working in a radio station today, and the news was out very quickly, and just as I looked down my feed was full of announcements regarding the Royal Engagement (some positive, some negative!), so I was interested to see how long it would be before the topic trended: […]