Fairy Tales? 200 years of the Brothers Grimm

The year 2012 will see countless celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the first edition of the Brothers Grimm’s first collection of fairy tales, published asĀ Children’s and Household Tales. But would Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have been pleased by all the conferences, books and papers that will honour their work? Actually, they are more likely […]

Meet and greet: bridging the academic/cultural divide

Matthew Reisz on an ESRC-funded seminar series aiming for closer links between arts and education At a time when both cultural institutions and the study of the humanities and social sciences face an uncertain future in the wake of government funding cuts, there is much to be gained from dialogue between academics, artists and curators. […]

The Second World War, Popular Culture and Cultural Memory (Call for Papers)

13 July 2011 – 15 July 2011 Few historical events have resonated as fully in modern British popular culture as the Second World War. It has left a rich legacy in a range of media that continue to attract a wide audience: film, TV and radio, photography and the visual arts, journalism & propaganda, architecture, […]

The Culture of the Class of 2014

US college list claims to get under the cultural skin of the Class of 2014. Sarah Cunnane reports Scholars wishing to keep their finger on the pulse – or simply to avoid being seen as an old relic by their students – have been given a helping hand by US academics. Beloit College has released […]

#bible, Spoiler Alert…

What more do I need to say..?! Reminds me of when Titanic was out, and the common term was “It sinks…” Working on the @bigbible project as part of the #biblefresh initiative, to tackle that which is indicated by this picture – as Jeremy Paxman pointed out – that Bible knowledge is getting weaker in […]