Austerity Era Cushions

heraldic-needlepointHeraldic Needlepoint’s Austerity Era cushion designs are all taken from posters issued by various departments of the British Government during previous periods of austerity (stylistically, the last 3 are First World War, the remainder are Second World War)

  1. Dig for Victory
  2. Dig on for Victory
  3. Dig for Plenty
  4. Make Do and Mend
  5. Make Do and Mend (Mrs Sew-and-Sew)
  6. Go Through Your Wardrobe
  7. Freedom is in Peril: Defend it with all your might
  8. Keep Calm and Carry On
  9. Save Kitchen Scraps to Feed the Hens
  10. Save Kitchen Waste to Feed the Pigs
  11. We Want Your Kitchen Waste
  12. Don’t Take Alcoholic Drinks
  13. To Dress Extravagently in Wartime
  14. Rally Round the Flag: Every Fit Man Wanted

Please note: These images are reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives and The Imperial War Museum who own the reproduction rights and these images may not be reproduced without their permission.

The Austerity Era cushions cost £ 34.99 plus postage
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