Academics Exposed to CyberCreeps

Having recently research cyber-bullying re:kids, and knowing that it’s a problem in the workplace – I hadn’t thought so much about this, although I guess I may have seen the negativity that public figures attract when seeking impact: She was also concerned that academics were more at risk than other professions because of the “impact […]

#DigitalParenting: Shaheen Shariff: Truths & Myths of Cyber-Bullying

Book Cover

Shaheen Shariff & Andrew H. Churchill (Eds) Truths and Myths of Cyber-bullying: International Perspectives on Stakeholder Responsibility and Children’s Safety (2009) Edited by Canadians, drawing upon authors from across the globe – more detailed than many may want, and with a particular focus upon the role of educational institutions, but lots of really interesting content. The core argument is that […]