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[RADIO] Talking About Danielle Lloyd @BBC5Live

BBC Radio 5 Live

Shortly after this picture was taken, I was on responding to the story about Danielle Lloyd sharing a photo on Instagram of her son with her new boyfriend – as shared by a number of news outlets, including The Daily Mail. The other participant in the conversation, Ben, had had ‘an amicable divorce’ and was giving his response.

The notes that I had prepared were (bold bits came up somewhere in the conversation):

With fame comes extra responsibility to think before pressing that button – just because we can, doesn’t mean we should… so ties into questions of larger culture, which I might have opinions on, rather than expertise in. Part of our larger obsession with celebrity …


I have no idea who these people are, much as I don’t want to know who e.g. Kim Kardashian is – unless she’s using her celebrity for ethical reasons! Were these pics posted to make the news, did she know that they would be controversial? And you’re never going to be loved by everyone, especially in the UK where we love to build people up, then knock them down!


Depends partly how the relationship with the dad is – as surely he’s likely to be happy to see his child secure and happy within the new relationship as they’ve both moved on. Comments indicate that he also shares pictures and does need to fit with the wider narrative of what is shared… The responses on Instagram are interesting – largely positive/to her defence…


The question here seems to be related to the question of what is appropriate – and the assumption that anyone not related by blood is a threat to a child (step-parents = OK + can be problems with blood relatives). Could lead to bigger questions about our expectations of women, etc…


Also a question as to how the media, needing to fill the 24 hour news cycle is sharing this kind of story – particularly the red tops… and reposting the picture… and taking the opportunity to drag up cheating, etc. and an opportunity to show her cosmetic Brazilian bum lift … headlines, etc. and the way the story is framed change its meaning a lot.


Related to larger question of children’s pictures, etc. online – story in NY Times last week about children asking that their parents post less pictures of them – it is a public space … other celebrities have been very careful not to overshare … part of the thing with online is that it’s so easy to QUICKLY share… (we all need to think before we share)


Good Facebook discussion, including Heather Stanley – “But intimate, or arguably private moments move us all the time. For instance, the photo of little Aylan Kurdi lying washed up on the beach – should it have been published without permission from his family, or at all? It changed the way the the world saw the refugee crisis (for a while anyway.) And who knows what this photo has done for the fans of Danielle, maybe who admire her for going through difficult family times.”


The power of ‘below the line’ comments – which we always say don’t read them – tend to be filled in by those with strong opinions going into battle, and often don’t reflect well on anyone… and as FB respondees said – everyone does seem to have an opinion on those they think they “know”.

We ran into the news pips, so it was short and sweet, but interesting story non-the-less! Audio should be available on iPlayer later.