[FILM] In Limbo

Antoine Viviani’s In Limbo, a personalized interactive film that reveals the traces we leave on the Internet, launches today Live the interactive experience at nfb.ca/inlimbo February 12, 2015 – Montreal, National Film Board of Canada What personal traces do we leave on the Internet? And just how permanent and public are they? These are the […]

Too much data? @timeshighered

In the information age, there’s increasing amounts of data availabe: Could society be placing too much reliance on the quantity of information at its disposal when it should be equally focused on its accuracy? subject of a conference on 5th November The Big Data event at the British Academy, due to take place on 5 […]

Data Transparency?

Recent data can be hidden, making fact-checking more difficult The problem is that rapid and pervasive technological advances have changed the game. Although some argue that our unprecedented capacity to acquire, store, manipulate and transmit vast and complex data volumes places us on the verge of a second scientific revolution, it can also serve to […]

The British Library and Data

The British Library is rising to the challenges posed by the creative chaos of the digital age, says outgoing chief executive Lynne Brindley The banking system may have lost public trust, but great libraries such as the British Library, which contain the DNA of civilisation, have the public interest built into their core values. Those […]

Everything to Declare (Oxford University)

A combination of ‘the information age’, technology and transparency leads to this kind of story: The University of Oxford has created an online tool for comparing data about its graduates’ careers and salaries. Tucked away on its main careers website and organised into a set of user-friendly tables, it allows immediate comparisons of the salary and […]