What are my deadlines (take 2)?

Well, updating on my previous entry, alongside steadily working at the University of Winchester as Blended Learning Fellow, and regular teaching commitments, keeping The Big Bible Project going,  chipping into 12baskets, and here’s some big deadlines coming up:

  • Mid-May: Talk to David Bownes
  • 18th May: Innovation in IT Session 3 (almost complete)
  • May: Article for Richard Littledale, Book Review.
  • 23rd May: Twitter for Careers Workshop (written)
  • 24th May: Thinking Digital Conference (select sessions)
  • May/June: Marking ISM (9); Blogs (18); Essays (18)
  • 1st June: Innovation in IT Session 4 (started)
  • Early June: JISC bid
  • 6th June: Biblefresh Day (interviewed by Krish K)
  • 7th June: Meeting to discuss The Big Bible Project (Phase 2)
  • 9th June: Annual Appraisal (UoW)
  • 10th June: Open Source (10 minute paper)
  • 13th June: C&M Network Conference (Panel)
  • 20-24th June: MediaLit (tweak ‘Revolution’ presentation, and completely redo practical session + worksheets)
  • 29th June: Social Media for the Scared and Blogging for Beginners (CofE)
  • End-June: All SkillsNet programme level materials in base form, so can be built upon
  • 1st July: Loughborough BODGIT Event
  • Early July: Winchester CPD events on Social Media
  • 13th July: Cultural Memory Conference (paper on WW2 posters)
  • 14th July or October 19th : JISC Experts Group (present paper?)
  • 14th July: Winchester Women Graduates Talk on WW2 posters
  • Early July Social Media Strategy for Christian Connection
  • 16th July: Family wedding
  • [6-15 August: Malta]
  • ?: Twitter article with David Rush
  • ?: Article on Keep Calm and Carry On for The Poster Journal
  • ?: Book Proposal (talk to Jenny, IWM)
  • ?: DVD with Matt Buck
  • ?: Grove booklet with Mark Howe
  • 26-29 August: Greenbelt (paper, SMS, paper)
  • 6th September:  ALT-C Papers (BODGIT Workshop and Twitter paper)
  • [5 nights in 9-17 September: Portugal]
  • 20th September: Social Media for the Scared and Social Media Strategies (CofE)
  • (24-27?) October: South of France (social media sessions)

and knowing me, I’ll have forgotten something… This is mostly to help keep my head clear, so I may be back to clarify a few bits later!