Guy Saward (@guy75) – Social Bookmarking #iblc10

COLLAB & SOCIAL BOOKMARKING – Guy Saward What/Why? Pilots Impact on teaching & learning Practitioner in teaching, manages lots of daily information, business/IT background… Online resources – accessible anywhere in the world (losing information between machines). Do the students have the same needs? How do they save bookmarks? Use in multiple contexts? Online (social) bookmarking? […]

Digital Media Trends 2.0

Following some of the feedback I received yesterday, I have re-edited some of this – it’s never going to be perfect, and I have marking to do, but I hope to develop this into something usable for the University of Winchester! Current trends in digital media focus upon crowd-sourcing, collaboration and bottom-up approaches to material. […]

Digital Media Trends

SEE ALSO: Digital Media Trends 2.0. The following information I have created as a favour for the Evangelical Alliance, for their forthcoming newsletter.  I suspect they may trim it somewhat, as I’m not sure they anticipated this many entries, but I have found it a very useful exercise to think through what each is used […]

Social Media in the Classroom

“With the rise of Web 2.0 social media has exploded on the internet. It permeates almost every aspect of your internet experience. The biggest question here is how can we utilize social media to enhance our online and offline lives? I have always been interested in how social media can help teachers and students achieve […]

Super Fun Days Out (SFDO) (2009)

Love Life, Live It! In 2008, Yaz El-Hakim, Hugh Bassett-Jones and Dominic Northcott, all staff at the University of Winchester, had a vision for “the best, most comprehensive, most intuitive and free of charge directory for anyone wanting to take part in any extreme or adrenaline sports anywhere in the country.” . Facing stiff  competition from others […]