[WRITER] Day by Day With God @BRFOnline

This arrived this morning, via a little tour to the CODEC offices in Durham, and my new next door neighbour nicely took the parcel in:


I remember ‘gulping’ somewhat when given Genesis to focus upon for late August for these daily Bible readings, but plenty of notice was given, so plenty of time to think and pray it over … with the majority of the actual writing done on a train to/from the 2015 Spring Harvest if I remember rightly!

Day by Day with God is published by the Bible Reading Fellowship, seeking to find culturally relevant but theologically sound ways of engaging with the world, and developing discipleship through active Bible reading.

Ali Herbert is the editor for this edition, and my fellow writers are Katy Jack, Chine Mbubaegbu, Sandra Wheatley, Alison Teale, Rosemary Green (husband Michael), Ann Warren, Ali Herbert, Michele Morrison and Amy Boucher Pye.