5 Myths About MOOCs

Source: The New Inquiry
Source: The New Inquiry

Really interesting following the MOOC debate:

Moocs are depicted as a disruptive technology because they involve no ongoing teaching expenses and cost the same to run no matter how many students enrol. But the idea that “content is free” in education is one of several myths that have helped to inflate the bubble of hype. Yes, there is a mass of free material on the web. But for educational purposes, web content has to be curated by someone who knows how it relates to an intended learning outcome, and their work does not come free. Video content could of course be the by-product of a lecture that is already part of a course, but for online students with no prior qualifications it would have no meaning. Video content for them would have to be specially developed – and funded.

Read full article, including the idea that students can support each other, solve the problem of expensive undergraduate education, and education is not a mass customer industry.