#Digidisciple for #Gain15

So, the other week I heard about #GAIN15, and after contacting @KosterLundqvist via Twitter, agreed to join them for a 5 minute Skype session this morning, before I head to Karate. Here’s what it looked like from their end: And here’s what it looked like from my end (pre-session!):  and just as we kick off: […]

[ABSTRACT] #DIGIDisciple: Issues and Opportunities for the Christian Sector in a Digital Age

Paper Abstract: Media, Religion and Culture in a Networked World, Canterbury, U.K. – August 4-8, 2014. Accepted.  A frequent topic in the British newspapers is the declining numbers in church membership. For many churchgoing is no longer the ‘cultural norm’. People don’t actively ignore the church: they don’t even think about it, whilst literally billions are […]

Article in @christiantoday on Community in a Digital Age

Had a good email conversation with Quentin the other week, and here’s some of the results: In days gone by, connecting on a large scale meant Christians having to meet in person, in conference centres or church halls. Now, Christians anywhere and everywhere can connect with each other online every day. A virtual community has […]