[WRITER] Chapter on ‘The Digital Age’ in Pastoral Challenges & Concerns: A Christian Handbook for Leaders

There was a nice surprise in my pigeon hole at work today. Before I left Durham (in 2015), I had written the first draft of a chapter on 'The Digital Age' for what was to be the second edition of 'The Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction and Difficult Behaviour'. With new chapters which didn't really fit that remit, the title was renamed. The book was finally published by Kevin Mayhew at the end of 2018, and…

[SPEAKER] Experiencing God in a Digital Age #theconvo17

I'm at 'The Conversation' in Canterbury today, in an event hosted by the CofE, asking "How can we change the dominant church culture from ‘conquering and keeping’ to ‘nurturing and releasing’ the children and young people in our midst?". I've got 20 minutes to put across some ideas about the digital: Experiencing God in a Digital Age (Children/Young People) from Bex Lewis
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