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The Case for Books

“Electronification won’t kill off books entirely, discovers Andreas Hess

While we are still reading books and articles, we are for ever tempted by the computer screen. Rarely do we openly reflect on the dilemma that our common reading habits seem to feed; namely that the more time we stare into the screen and the more others do the same, the harder it will be to write, produce and enjoy books the traditional way.

Resignation to what seems technologically unavoidable has become widespread; while we appear to be somewhat unhappy about the development, we are not outraged. As Philip Roth has noted in a blue moment, despite all the scaremongering, books will not die out – yet only a dedicated few will continue to read them.”

Read full story. And, for the record, I love books, and digifile that I am, am wondering if/when I might convert to reading books digitally!