[MEDIA] Talking Shortform Text with @PetrieHosken on @BBCRadioLondon

It was a loooooong journey back from Suffolk yesterday, so I was still asleep when my phone rang at 9.15am (I’d missed the earlier text as my phone doesn’t give any notifications between 11pm and 9am), from BBC London, asking if I could respond to the story that David Attenborough says he doesn’t understand textspeak […]

[EVENT] New Perspectives in the Digital Society @DigiCultureKCL

The blending of offline and online interaction has had many talk about a “digital society” within which human and nonhuman actors coexist, and social media become batttlefields for culture wars. The contours of this “digital society”, however, are still to be questioned. In this workshop we will discuss some of the most interesting, cutting-edge research […]

[CANCER] Celebrating Clear Scans + @macmillancancer Digital Nurse #BreastCancer

Tomorrow is 6-weeks post-surgery, time that has gone both fast and slow… Last time I wrote I’d had the pathology returned, and had had scans as to whether the cancer had spread… and had succumbed to a wound infection. Apparently having bone and CT scans are pretty normal, but I hadn’t expected them, so that sounded […]