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I am the Director of ‘Digital Fingerprint’, a social media consultancy that works particularly within the Higher Education and Christian sectors, where I have a strong Community of Practice, including providing digital literacy workshops for the Church of England and other organisations. I am a regular speaker at events, both academic conferences, and public Christian […]

Lots of updates on my other blogs…

Keep Calm and Carry On Digital Fingerprint Adrenablog Lots of marking, planning (lectures, module guides, new business ideas, birthday party!)

Twitter Icon

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would update my Twitter icon for this digitalfprint account. I get far more followers on my drbexl account – maybe because I tweet about a far wider range of things on there, whereas I maintain digitalfprint for social and educational media tweets by and large! The New […]

I’m Back, I’m Back, I’m Back

I’m back from France (via Spain… long story), but I’m not unpacked, cleared up, or opened post yet, but I have faffed around on the internet for a considerable time… partly after 3 weeks without it, there’s a lot built up – and I still haven’t finished it all! However, see: Digital Fingerprint on Facebook.

Christianity in the Digital Space

http://digitalsymp.blogspot.com/; Churches’ Media Council; CODEC http://twitterfall.com/?trend=%23digisymp!%23153548 http://cmc-newmedia.ning.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/digitalsymp DRAGONS! I’ll be back with more! 16/7/9 My Twitter account @drbexl has been suspended due to “suspicious activity” – would that be the 1-per-5-mins tweets going on from my account? We’ll see, currently 6pm, so been down for around 24 hours, I am feeling rather bereft of […]