Message from a Digital Native…

“At the start of a project I always do research. I don’t go to the library. I rarely start by talking with an expert. I don’t read a book or find an industry magazine. I don’t even search Google. I go straight to YouTube.” Read the full story on Sallie’s Random Ponderings of a Student […]

Digital Immigrant vs Digital Native

Where I think these terms are being superseded or not, the terms ‘Digital Immigrant’, ‘Digital Native’ – or even ‘Digital Alien’ for those who refuse to engage – continues to be used. I’m currently checking out Kenneth Fee’s  “Delivering E-Learning“, and was interested to see how he identified some small differences  (p3): Digital Immigrant Looks […]

Digital Native Debate, #pelc10

Notes taken on my netbook – a bit rubbish, didn’t really seem to note who was saying what, but it was a great debate! Digital Native Debate… (Prensky) Visitor – does what they need to do, log in, log off and they vanish… Resident – lives out a portion of their life online, an aspect […]