[VIDEO] Social Media in Teaching and Learning with @andymiah

A good summary of core learning and teaching thinking about social media over the past few years, and a number of practical tips – including – who is your (student) audience – and how can you capitalise on what they already know how to use, and where is the confidence with staff, how do universities […]

Surveying Mobile Learning Around the World (@WBedutech)

Although from 2012, I’m not sure that these findings have moved forward much further – some interesting thoughts: The papers themselves are quite varied in their approaches, formats and content, but, taken together, UNESCO has identified five key trends worth considering (please note that the words are from UNESCO, we have rendered certain of them […]

[INTERVIEW] for Mozilla Web Literacy

Last week I had a chat with Doug Belshaw re Mozilla Web Literacy project, from the perspective of someone who hadn’t had time to engage with it. Hear the audio/read the overview here, and see a summary of feedback from all interviews hereĀ and here.

[Speaker] Social Media and the Church with @urcmedia

Here’s the post-dinner session, a bit of a romp through social media platforms, and some of the things that you can do with some of them – there’s so much more than can be fitted in here, but usually enough to get a few beginner’s heads whirling: