My Year Unplugged: How I Found My Off Switch

An interesting piece on taking time out (longer than intended) by this author: As I sat there listening to the panel, I also realized we still had a great deal of work to do in all our communities and much of that work had to do with helping people learn to not only not fear […]

A few interesting posts and studies #DigiLit October 2013

A few interesting stories and studies related to digital literacy, and the topic of parenting in a digital age… The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing and How Writing is Taught in Schools (Pew Internet) EU Kids Online – Country data sheets. European evidence database: This is a database of European research on children and young […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Blog Tactics

Interesting material, again from Social Media Today, with a range of ideas to make blogging more effective:

Would you ban laptops in your classroom? #HigherEd #TechChat

Interesting thoughts from an academic who banned laptops from his classroom: The problem is not just that laptops provide an outlet for boredom. After all, distraction was just as much a problem in Aristotle’s day as in ours. Laptops also have a negative effect on the more attentive students, many of whom compulsively transcribe every utterance out […]