“Digital Natives lack online nous” says @Ofcom

A report was released by Ofcom yesterday into Children and Parents attitudes – and this was the accompanying press release (note, I’m not a particular fan of the term ‘digital native‘, especially the way that it’s used): Children increasingly trusting of information they find online One in ten believe everything they find on social media or […]

#DigitalParenting: The Myth of the Digital Native (#SID2014)

The CHILDWISE “Digital Lives” Report of 2010 proudly noted: “Today’s young children are born into a digital world, and have never known a time without the internet affecting all aspects of their daily life.” That may be true, but it tends to be translated into a kind of panic: one step ahead in an area […]

No such thing as a 'digital native' .. not homogenous

Been seeing this story floating around over the last couple of days, and thought this one gave a decent overview: Millennials may be the largest generational cohort in history, but they’re hardly homogenous. In a pivotal study, MTV unearthed two distinct groups within the generation. “The New Millennials Will Keep Calm and Carry On” investigates […]

"Educators should not assume that all young people are old hands online…"

Oh yes, have observed this first-hand, and tried to get this across in my book too: This is something that teaching staff on campus seldom realise, Professor Junco said. “If we keep in mind that not all students have the same level of skill and facility with new technologies, then we behave in ways as […]