Digital Event Life(style)

Engaging in the Digital Space #MediaLit11

My second workshop of the day… it will be interesting to see if everyone gives digital media a go (and whether doing the session on a Monday afternoon, rather than a Thursday afternoon, makes a difference).

Digital Event Life(style)

Are you coming to #OpenSource11?

The event is part of the Pentecost Festival (as is TeaTime for Change).

Pentecost Festival is arts, music and drama, it’s comedy, sport and film, it’s debates and discussions. Its a celebration of the diverse communities in London and an opportunity for people to discover more about Jesus. It offers something for everyone and everyone is invited regardless of age, faith or cultural background.

Being Salt & Light in the (Online) World (Dr Bex Lewis)

Matthew 5:13-16 calls for Christians to be salt and light in the world. Our world now includes a vast digital space, in which many have comfortably taken up residence, but which others need real encouragement to visit.

Building upon LICC’s notion of the 24/7 Christian, The Big Bible Project seeks to encourage and enable more Christians and churches to be able to be included in the digital space, therefore facilitating the creation of positive Christian materials online.

The why is, it seems, clear, but we need to think about the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of social media to ensure its effectiveness, as we build a collection of positive exemplars.

What is #OpenSource11?

Open Source is a forum dedicated to connecting people who meet at the crossroads of technology and theology. So expect deep insight from people who dabble in doctrine and major in robotics, geniuses who write philosophy during the week and design software at the weekend.

Convinced already? Go right in and book!


“Calm Down and Carry On” campaign for @drbexl

Ha ha, bit of crowd-sourcing continuing (without success yet, but it’s got to happen sometime right!), using Paul Windo’s idea of #freedrbexl, started by @emptybelly, with @Ulfilas coming up with the most appropriate slogan!

[17th July] It worked, I’m back on Twitter @drbexl!

Dr Bex Lewis, awaiting resurrection… of @drbexl on Twitter!

Still awaiting the un-suspension of my @drbexl account. Still can’t work out why it could possibly have been suspended, aside from the fact that I tweeted roughly every minute for certain sections of the conference! Got the conference guys starting a campaign – well, you never know!!

Check out #freedrbexl!
Digital Life(style)

Christianity in the Digital Space; Churches’ Media Council; CODEC

  • My Twitter account @drbexl has been suspended due to “suspicious activity” – would that be the 1-per-5-mins tweets going on from my account? We’ll see, currently 6pm, so been down for around 24 hours, I am feeling rather bereft of part of my identity!!
  • Mark Howe gives a great summary of the conference, ready to LOL?
My Twitter account came back up after about 50 hours downtime! Meantime, if I’ve missed your blog off the list, please feel free to comment it!