Engaging in the Digital Space #MediaLit11

Engaging in the Digital Space on Prezi My second workshop of the day… it will be interesting to see if everyone gives digital media a go (and whether doing the session on a Monday afternoon, rather than a Thursday afternoon, makes a difference).

Are you coming to #OpenSource11?

The event is part of the Pentecost Festival (as is TeaTime for Change). Pentecost Festival is arts, music and drama, it’s comedy, sport and film, it’s debates and discussions. Its a celebration of the diverse communities in London and an opportunity for people to discover more about Jesus. It offers something for everyone and everyone […]

“Calm Down and Carry On” campaign for @drbexl

Ha ha, bit of crowd-sourcing continuing (without success yet, but it’s got to happen sometime right!), using Paul Windo’s idea of #freedrbexl, started by @emptybelly, with @Ulfilas coming up with the most appropriate slogan! [17th July] It worked, I’m back on Twitter @drbexl!

Dr Bex Lewis, awaiting resurrection… of @drbexl on Twitter!

Still awaiting the un-suspension of my @drbexl account. Still can’t work out why it could possibly have been suspended, aside from the fact that I tweeted roughly every minute for certain sections of the conference! Got the conference guys starting a campaign – well, you never know!! Check out #freedrbexl!

Christianity in the Digital Space

http://digitalsymp.blogspot.com/; Churches’ Media Council; CODEC http://twitterfall.com/?trend=%23digisymp!%23153548 http://cmc-newmedia.ning.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/digitalsymp DRAGONS! I’ll be back with more! 16/7/9 My Twitter account @drbexl has been suspended due to “suspicious activity” – would that be the 1-per-5-mins tweets going on from my account? We’ll see, currently 6pm, so been down for around 24 hours, I am feeling rather bereft of […]