Archives need to get digitally with it?

Interesting piece in the Guardian about the affordability of research: It is the age of the digital historian. Technology gives researchers the means of carrying out their work more effectively and quickly, and archivists need to respond positively to these changes. Without encouraging researchers to use and disseminate their material, archive buildings risk becoming populated only by […]

Digital Archives

Digital content has been around for 20+ years, and is now formally being collected. All British print publications have been held by the libraries since 1662. But from today, says Lucie Burgess, the library’s head of content strategy, this has been extended “to capture the digital universe as well”. The 4.8 million websites using the […]

The British Library and Data

The British Library is rising to the challenges posed by the creative chaos of the digital age, says outgoing chief executive Lynne Brindley The banking system may have lost public trust, but great libraries such as the British Library, which contain the DNA of civilisation, have the public interest built into their core values. Those […]

Raiders of the Lost Archives @timeshigered

Fascinating, having done most of my research just before digitisation made a huge difference, great to see someone looking back “before”: But when I got to the library itself it was Aladdin’s Cave. There were manuscripts and rare books (the world’s best collection of Victorian novels in serial, for example), many of them uncatalogued. It […]