Digitising the 19th Century

Increasing access to historical materials – looking forward to hearing about new research emerging from this: Cengage’s plans to digitise the 19th century could open up a whole new world, finds Matthew Reisz Described by its provider as “the most ambitious scholarly digitisation and publication programme ever undertaken”, Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) was launched […]

Digital Preservation?

An interesting issue – re: digital preservation (had some clues of this whilst doing my PhD): Save all, read all? Matthew Reisz on the archivists devising protocols for preserving born-digital data An attempt by university archivists to find a common approach to the problem of how to deal with digitally recorded material has led to […]

Digital Library?

Having watched a lecturer at the University introduce tablet PCs and seen engagement with the materials increase, an interesting story on digitisation and access: South Korea plans to digitise all its school curriculum materials by 2015. The paper textbook will be replaced by a digital equivalent. No more heavy backpacks and students can learn wherever […]

Humanities Research 'Surfdom'

As someone who was involved in early digital humanities research (building a database of wartime propaganda posters in order to be able to identify themes/patterns in the posters), this story is really interesting: We are now witnessing what Martin Wynne, Oxford University Computing Services liaison at the Oxford e-Research Centre, describes as “a move from […]

Public history centre hopes to get the records straight

Digital archives must balance outreach, financial viability and scholarship, Matthew Reisz hears Researchers at a new centre devoted to public history have warned that spending cuts and ill-conceived digitisation programmes pose a major threat to the archives essential to much academic work. Kingston University’s Centre for the Historical Record was launched with the aim of […]