Divine Chocolate with Raspberries

Divine Dark Chocolate with RaspberriesWhat a find, what a find!

I first came across this particular bar of chocolate (new this year) at Greenbelt, and purchased a bar for £1 (which seemed very reasonable, although there was an even better offer of 6 for £5), just to see (it’s £1.69 in shops)! I LOVE raspberries, so thought I might like this, and I surely did. I bought on the Saturday, and spent most of Saturday and Sunday having the odd piece, and chatting with random strangers and offering them a piece. I had been assured that the Divine chocolate stall would remain open on Monday, but when I went back at 3pm, it was all packed away.

Tracking down this particular flavour wasn’t easy – it was only sold by Waitrose (which has now opened in Winchester, so is an option!). I checked out the Divine website, but only individual bars available, so I emailed them, and received a response that it was possible to purchase cases from the Ethical Superstore. Very impressed with that site also, a wide range of goods (pretty much a supermarket on tap), including one-off fruit & veggie boxes (delivered Fridays).

Think I’ll head back when I have freed up some storage space, and have £60 to spend, for free delivery.