Transferable Skills: PhD

An article by Pat Cryer explaining the many transferable skills students gain whilst studying for a PhD (1997), and an article from 2004 explaining why many PhDs desert academia. Read more on my PhD at Nicely summarised by the University of Michigan: Analysis & Problem-Solving Define a problem and identify possible causes Comprehend large amounts […]

Crazy Timetable: Update

Semester 2 (Finishes 18th June) I have an extremely full timetable: CHECK OUT my 2010/11 Timetable! Monday 10-12: Design for Digital Media (after Easter only) Monday 3-5: Introduction to Media Studies Wednesday 9-12: Dreams and Nightmares Thursday 9-10;11-12: Film History Thursday 2-3 (sometimes 12-2): Creating and Consuming History Friday 9-12: Researching Media Studies History Independent […]

Damaris Culturewatch

Culturewatch helps you explore the message behind the media. We have hundreds of articles, study guides and video podcasts reflecting on films, books, music, television and more. CultureWatch contributors are all Christians, but it’s for everyone who wants to explore the message behind the media. I have written a number of articles for Culturewatch: My […]

Super Fun Days Out (SFDO) (2009)

Love Life, Live It! In 2008, Yaz El-Hakim, Hugh Bassett-Jones and Dominic Northcott, all staff at the University of Winchester, had a vision for “the best, most comprehensive, most intuitive and free of charge directory for anyone wanting to take part in any extreme or adrenaline sports anywhere in the country.” . Facing stiff  competition from others […]

drbexl: Highly Influential

According to Topsy, I’m highly influential on Twitter! Be interesting to see their rationale for that, as my other Twitter feeds are not demonstrating the same accolade! Nice. Well, I guess I do spend quite some time on Twitter… I get all my news, etc. from there!