Blogging for History

Read the full blog entry. I have been encouraging my students on ‘Dreams and Nightmares: Britain & Europe” to blog… due to validation requirements, this is not compulsory, so it’s interesting to see which students see the value in learning to blog (surely one of the up & coming skills for life)… Our “Woking Point of View” above has compiled 2 entries, as has MattVeep77, whilst Big Phil & Ernie seems to be enjoying blogging away about many others things…. I am pleased to see that the students are allowing their personalities and opinions to come through in the blog, something that can be difficult in standard academic essays, which require us very much to rely on the empirical evidence… although a balance is good! Read, enjoy and comment!

Academic Digital

Inspirational Students

Last week was the start of Semester 2 (yes, I know, just as many of you headed onto half-term breaks), and despite the fact that the week was packed, I found the week an inspiring one. Lectures seemed to go off well, I had 3, yes THREE, students come up to me after Creating and Consuming lectures to say that they were looking forward to the module/feeling inspired to think (do you know how RARE that is, usually you only ever hear the complaints, usually too late to do anything about it!).

Dreams and Nightmares

In Dreams and Nightmares, I suggested that the students set up a WordPress blog to write their thoughts about their lectures, seminars, and presentations they observed from others. Due to Validation requirements, I couldn’t set this as a compulsory exercise, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would take me up on the idea, but Phil did, and you can see what is already turning into a very impressive exercise here.

Media Studies Dissertation

In talking to Helen, one of my FYP/Dissertation students, it became clear that she loves experimenting with making YouTube videos, and also wanted to conduct research into the values evident in Sainsbury’s advertising, and whether these resonated with viewers. This therefore seemed a great point at which to USE YouTube to help her conduct her research, so please do help her if you can.