QUOTED: Former chief Rabbi blames social media for inflaming wars

Ruth Gledhill asked me for a quote earlier today re “The former Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, has warned of of the potential of social media to inflame wars to global proportions and said: “God himself weeps at the evils being committed in His name.” Here’s some of my response: Dr Bex Lewis, research fellow with […]

My ‘Done’ List…

I find my ‘Todoist‘ app wonderful, but sometimes, especially for someone who is motivated by a feeling of achievement, have to celebrate what have done these past couple of years! How do I recapture this sense of joy that I got from the one run I made on my own on a surf board in Australia […]

#DigitalParenting: Book Launch @StJohnsCollege

Most of my Durham supporters were unable to make it to London for the official book launch, so thank you to David Goodhew for organising a Durham book launch, at which many of the people who supported me, celebrated the media coverage and book sales that have already been achieved. Privileged to have been introduced […]

#AdventBookClub: Day 10: Carrying the Vision

Interesting thoughts from Ron Glusenkamp – that Advent can be a season for spiritual U-turns, as we stop running away and head towards God… as we crash and burn without God… after some of the conversations that were inevitable whilst in Winchester (are you coming back? being the most frequent one) I still feel that […]

#DigiPilgrim Catchup

DJ Konz & Sheridan Voysey

Yesterday, I got the chance to catch up with DJ Konz and Sheridan Voysey who are undertaking a pilgrimage from Lindisfarne to Durham (to see the Lindisfarne Gospels), and experimenting with aspects of #digipilgrim(age): See the full range of stories from #Digipilgrim on The BIGBible Project.