Lent is Coming

So, it’s time for Lent. For once, I haven’t been on top of exactly when it’s coming, as after four years of doing #bigread, we’ve taken a break this year (it’s a huge amount of work, you know) – materials remain available online. Anyway, Lent starts Wednesday, with Easter Day 5th April (I’ll be at Spring […]

Contemplation at @CCWinch

This afternoon I went to my church, Christ Church Winchester, as the contemplative space opened for 3 days: Great use of the ‘front garden’ space. A chance to think at each point. Each of these red threads has the same activities upon it. Put aside concerns, worries, and the contents of your pockets Write in […]

6 thoughts for Palm Sunday #EasterLive

Have you heard of EasterLive yet? If not, check it out, and see the stories that people are posting on the #EasterLive hashtag on Twitter (if you’re not sure how to use Twitter, there’s a great guide here), and last year’s story is being retold on Facebook. It’s Passover week in 1st Century Jerusalem. A […]