#EasterLive #HeIsRisen

  http://12baskets.co.uk/view/images/easter-morning-he-is-risen     So, the #HeIsRisen hashtag certainly had plenty going on, as did #HeHasRisen, as did “He Is Risen”, etc…. This is where, if we want to make an impact/get trending, it’s good to pre-agree a hashtag:

#MaundyThursday #EasterLive

OK, this is what #EasterLive is suggesting for Maundy Thursday: Passover Preparations. Washing disciples feet. Peter’s denial predicted. Jesus predicts his betrayal. The Last Supper. Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus betrayal and arrest. Jesus before Caiaphas. Jesus before Pilate. Feet Washing With so much to look at, I thought I’d take a look at what Bryony […]

Wednesday Holy Week #EasterLive

On Wednesday, #EasterLive encourages us to look at Judas’s betrayal (found here in the form of the Rock Musical Jesus Christ SuperStar): Hmmm – that made me look at Lady Gaga’s Judas lyrics… wonder quite what perspective she’s coming from… and the anointing at Bethany (found here in the form of a meditation) I also […]