Can students simply be consumers?

Using the analogy of requiring effort to go to a gym, higher education requires a significant input from students … they cannot simply “buy” a degree off the shelf: Professor Enders said he did not believe it was truly possible to create a market in higher education with a range of fees, as the coalition […]

Gets my travel juices going…

… but the bigger question is can academia be done differently? For many early career academics, feeling run-down, overworked, underpaid and pressured to perform is all part of the job – something to be tolerated in the hope that a fruitful and rewarding university career awaits. But two disillusioned young scholars recently decided instead to […]

Teaching of Value?

Teaching is the lifeblood/energy so far as I’m concerned in universities (hence why I was promoted to Senior Fellow in Learning and Teaching in my last job), so this is quite disappointing: Amid concerns that promotion in the sector is too heavily based on research excellence, the report, commissioned by the Higher Education Academy, found […]

Sugata Mitra: Education is not broken…

Would a person with good handwriting, spelling and grammar and instant recall of multiplication tables be considered a better candidate for a job than, say, one who knows how to configure a peer-to-peer network of devices, set up an organisation-wide Google calendar and find out where the most reliable sources of venture capital are, I […]

Graduate School entirely on iPads

Education is changing… Educators across the nation have put Apple’s tablets into the hands of tens of thousands of students. Like many of the devices champions, Dumestre thinks the device has the power to enhance the learning experience like no other. The new programs are the latest example of how technology isn’t just replacing things […]