Creating a PLN, by @corinnew

Creating a Personal Learning Network View more presentations from Corinne Weisgerber. Thanks to @hopkinsdavid for bringing this awesome presentation to my attention. I follow @corinnew but as Twitter streams pass the eyes, I must have missed it. It was picked up by “my daily paper“.

Social Media in the Classroom

“With the rise of Web 2.0 social media has exploded on the internet. It permeates almost every aspect of your internet experience. The biggest question here is how can we utilize social media to enhance our online and offline lives? I have always been interested in how social media can help teachers and students achieve […]

"An iPod for each pupil … will help school to stay in touch"

“A pioneering school is staking a claim to make its pupils among the most technologically advanced in Britain. The oldest students at the Essa Academy in Bolton have each been issued with an iPod Touch. Next month all 900 children and their teachers will have one of the handheld computers, worth £149 each. A bespoke […]