Eileen Evans (Miss)

eileen-evansEileen Evans (Miss) joined the Photographic Division of the Ministry of Information, as a filing clerk. In 1940 she was noticed by ‘Gibbs-Smith who very sensibly noticed that as an artist she was not being used to the best advantage on that particular type of work’, who put her in touch with Embleton, Edwin. She was transferred to the Studio, to work under Reginald Mount. In early 1943 Embleton called for her grade to be improved to Junior Assistant Specialist (JAS), as Mount’s ‘experience and flair for getting the best out of her has resulted in her developing into a really first-rate designer, and the value of the work she produces is miles above the grade she is in’.Evans worked with Mount, Reginald at the MOI, and they continued to work together post-war. Closely associated with the Central Office of Information (COI, which succeeded the MOI) in the 1950s and 1960s, the Mount/Evans Studio produced information graphics and public service notices for a wide variety of government agencies. Papers from c.1953 to 1981, covering joint graphic design work with Reginald Mount, are held at NAL.

Information collated from: PRO INF 1/86, ‘Memo from Embleton to Vaughan and Judd’, ‘Re-organisation of the Ministry of Information: General Production Division’, January 25 1943; Rennies Vintage Posters, ‘Rennies- Posters of Reginald Mount and Eileen Evans’,, accessed August 28 2003; National Art Library, ‘AAD Holdings’,, accessed August 28 2003

Featured Image: The National Archives