Party Manifestos

The Guardian front page provides an interesting juxtaposition of images from the party manifestos. I immediately was reminded of much of the Soviet style influence on Second World War posters, including the poster that started it all for me “Women of Britain: Come Into the Factories“. Read the information in the box, and a similar story. For a closer look:



“Eb Adeyeri, Digital PR Director at LEWIS Communications, reckons that many people believe this will be “the UK’s first “Internet election” with politicians exploiting channels such as Facebook and Twitter to convey their message” but warns that a “badly-focused social media campaign could do more harm than good as Gordon Brown discovered with his infamous YouTube appearance”.

The Labour Party is taking Twitter seriously enough to have appointed a ‘Twitter Tsar’ in Kerry McCarthy MP, while Tory leader David Cameron famously dismissed Twitter users on a radio show by saying that “too many twits make a twat”.” Read full article, and track stats about the main political parties via Tweetlection – an interesting idea, and, as always, interesting t0 see the criteria/keywords that are used..