Has the political poster virtually had its day?

Alastair Campbell, 22nd February 2010. The Times “…while the Labour Party struggles to raise money, we saw the launch last week of another expensive Tory poster campaign. The theme was first-time Conservative voters, with the slogan “I’ve never voted Tory before” followed by reasons to take the plunge. Posters have played an important role in […]

Mock the Week: Mocks David Cameron Poster

If you get a chance (probably available in the UK til Wednesday), check out Mock the Week for last week – excellent humour re: David Cameron’s new poster campaign – they got about 6 minutes of mileage out of it. The real poster is visible on 760 billboards across the UK… this was Dara’s interpretation […]

Do David Cameron’s New Posters Work?

A great piece from the Telegraph, which I thought was a staunchly Conservative paper: “If I were David Cameron, the first thing I would do is sack my advertising agency. The new poster is an utter disaster: it’s so obviously been airbrushed and he looks like a rosy-faced cherub, not a prospective prime minister. They […]

Party Political Posters

“So, the 2010 election campaign in which no one talks about the issue has started. We know it has because expensive poster sites have been purchased. It’s going to be a tiresome few months while respective campaigners batter glossed messages back and forth and the potential voters look for something more enlightening, or productive to […]