The Digital Debate: YouTube

Really interesting, a great chance to access “soundbites” from politicians, and interestingly, Nick Clegg appears to be leading in so much social media. We need to remember, however, that there are many people who aren’t on social networks, and (stereotypically) it’s the ‘digital generation’ that’s online, and who have a tendency to vote LibDem, whereas older voters, who may not be as present in the digital space, may vote differently. What did you think?!

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Christians & Candidates 2010

The ‘Christians and Candidates 2010’ initiative is hosting a special event THIS MONDAY (26th April) at Westminster at which a panel including senior representatives of the bigger political parties will answer questions from Christians like you about issues of concern.

During the evening members of the panel will be asked whether they and the parties that they represent will take the pledge to ‘respect, uphold and protect the right of Christians to hold and express Christian beliefs and act according to Christian conscience’ as described on the Westminster 2010 declaration website.

It would be a wonderful testimony to the fact that Christians care deeply about our society and its future, if the auditorium (which seats 1000 people) were packed out – even at this short notice.

So, please support this important event, if you possibly can – and encourage other Christians to do the same.

THIS MONDAY – 26th April – 7pm (doors open 6.15pm)
Emmanuel Centre, 9 – 23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW

Advance registration is recommended but not required.

Questions need to be submitted in advance.

For more information, to register, to submit a question and to download a poster to display at church this Sunday, please visit:

Details of local events and resources for engaging with the election are also available at the website.

Facebook: To join the ‘Christians and Candidates’ group and see details of this event and others, please visit:

Christians and Candidates 2010
A national debate hosted by local churches


Facebook Group Gets Behind Lib Dems

Infographic from Facebook group: “We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office!

Digital Event

Social Media Budget?

Rory Cellan-Jones fed the entire speech from the #budget speech into Wordle, and these are the words that stand out (although he points out that it’s the small words which are interesting in this case!). Twitter played a very active part in the debates… I missed it all as I was listening to presentations with regards to creating exhibitions within museums (wonder what they would do differently once I give a lecture about digitisation and museums!). Watch the video.



“Eb Adeyeri, Digital PR Director at LEWIS Communications, reckons that many people believe this will be “the UK’s first “Internet election” with politicians exploiting channels such as Facebook and Twitter to convey their message” but warns that a “badly-focused social media campaign could do more harm than good as Gordon Brown discovered with his infamous YouTube appearance”.

The Labour Party is taking Twitter seriously enough to have appointed a ‘Twitter Tsar’ in Kerry McCarthy MP, while Tory leader David Cameron famously dismissed Twitter users on a radio show by saying that “too many twits make a twat”.” Read full article, and track stats about the main political parties via Tweetlection – an interesting idea, and, as always, interesting t0 see the criteria/keywords that are used..